Thedi Leather jackets all come with a history that has been written over the course some good decades. Since 1979 the Thedi Leather manufacturing company quality, innovation, and individuality define everything the company does and every jacket they make and the Thedi Leather jackets and accessories have become strongly integrated in our culture. The classic American spirit has always been the foundation of any product leaving their premises. One could look at it as a kind of a vintage heritage concept revival. With a whole lot of love, care and affection, the Thedi Leather manufacturing company introduced their products successful into a worldwide market. From Japan to the States one can discover Thedi Leather jacket and accessories in the streets passing by. Thedi Leather products are designed and produced with the highest care using first grade materials. Rock and Roll, James Dean and cult classics „The Wild One“ featuring the actor, Marlon Brando, introduced the leather jacket to a wider and international audience in the early fifties. From there on the popularity of leather jackets had become a fact and would never leave the stage again. Leather jackets like the durable and rugged Thedi perfecto and the bomber jacket became immediately embraced by a new generation of leather jacket lovers and soon earned their values as quality dress for the outdoors. Over the past fourty years, Thedi Leather manufacturing company has continued to expand it’s bussiness. Product lines and styles have been expanded and accessories like bags can be found worldwide and the company will continue to work in a highly dedicated manner for the ideals of quality, innovation, and individuality that have been so important from the beginning.

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