History of Orcival fabrics …

The French Navy T-shirt fabrics is called Rachel because it is made with very specific looms dating from the 1850’s. The actual development of this technology begins in the 1960’s.

The skill of such knitting machines, which look like looms, lies in their capacity to create complex designs, such as the stripe jersey worn by the artist Pablo Picasso in 1952 at Vallauris, in a subtle mix of irregular stripes that classic looms are simply unable to reproduce.

Moreover, the Orcival T shirt keeps its shape and appearance no matter what the weather is like. Their stripes remain horizontal and parallel thanks to the fabrics meshes.

The genuineness of Orcival Products, (100% made in France, from knitting to manufacturing) is living up to the required know-how for running the Rachel machines: they need for each output a handmade warping for about 1500 threads, just before meticulously knitting. A single mistake in the order of the threads during warping or a moment’s inattention during knitting means an immediate failure.

The Orcival Heavy Cotton quality is a jersey fabrics knitted on a circular loom. It is a traditional form of knitting requiring skill and years of knowledge. Your Orcival T-shirt gives you the same proof of genuineness as before, because still 100% made in France.


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