Japan Blue

JAPAN BLUE dose spent most of its time developing and creating the material, because the material is a key factor to determine the quality of jeans. Selecting cotton, spinning cotton, dying the yarn and finally weave a fabric, one can create a few thousand fabric using just these four processes. JAPAN BLUE considers all four processes and creates a fabric best suitd at that time.

Visible design, or silhouttes, are kept extremely simple,yet contemporary. We would like you to look, without prejudice, at the materials, how they develop over time … denim can’t be described in one word, there are too many characteristics such as heavy vs light fabric, soft vs hard cotton, light vs dark dye, and so on … Our mission is to make a jeans you like, it is your mission to create something beautiful by simply wearing it and to discover the differences of each material used for each JAPAN BLUE JEAN.


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