The Vision of Unsurpassed Style
– About Our Work
INDIGOFERA exists to bridge the gap between what has been and what will be. The old way is our path forward; a playfulness and a timelessness directs the aesthetic or our work – one that would have been at home in the 50’s as much as it is relevant today.
Each garment we create exists in an architectural, design-space between the classic and the contemporary. We use fabrics shaped with both a cut and a silhouette that will stand the test of time.
With every piece, we push the edge by continually exchanging traditional and safe choices for the all the possibility and potential, all the while replete with humble reference to the great works of the great brands and styles that have come before.

The Mission of PRIMA
– About Our Life
Every choice in every detail that we construct, is labored over as if our lives depended on it. Every stitch, every button, every line is controlled by our obsession with delivering PRIMA.
PRIMA means quality. PRIMA is only attained with consistent craftsmanship and the use of the best fabric, cutting, sewing and attention at every point in the process. PRIMA is about living life to its fullest. Whether constructing next season’s collection at our offices in Stockholm or gathering inspiration for what’s next while hanging out around a campfire in California, every discussion begins and ends with PRIMA.
PRIMA is to be lived in, adventured in, and taken to the limit. PRIMA endures all the ravages of both the road and the fickle ebb and flow of fashion. PRIMA is its own assured guarantee. INDIGOFERA is PRIMA.

The Value of Relationships
– About Our History
Since 2009, when founder Mats Andersson launched INDIGOFERA, the core of the brand was built around two, very different kinds of vital and important relationships.
The first relationship is with the community of creative souls responsible for bringing the garments to market – from the collaborators and designers who feed our ever-burning fire, to the producers in the fabric mills in Europe, America and Japan who we directly source our materials from, to the tailors in Portugal and other European locations who sew the garments themselves, to retailers who tirelessly work at integrating our story with theirs, and finally to the customer for whom we all work – the closed loop of love is our greatest asset and the foundation of our business.
The other relationship that defines our story is hidden in the nature of denim itself. Denim is living, intimae material that over the course of our lives has worked on us as much as we have worked with it. The poetry of the apparel, the quality of each and every garment, is only half-complete. You make it real. You make it heritage. Our promise is that this clothing will become a part of you, it will fade in color, not in strength to form with both your body and with your heart.

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