Levi´s Vintage Clothing

Since introducing its iconic riveted denim jean over a century ago, Levi’s® has periodically tweaked the fit, fabric and features of the 501® Jean to suit the needs and preferences of the modern worker. Although oftentimes subtle and only apparent to the discerning eye, the differences between the Historic 501® Jeans help tell the story of the Levi’s® brand and the ever-evolving landscape of the American frontier.
Levi’s® Vintage Clothing reproduces each of the most historically significant 501® jeans from the past 122 years exactly as they were when they were first introduced. Every last detail—including the fabric, fit, sundries and even packaging—are obsessively recreated so that today’s fanatics can purchase and wear a pair of Historic 501® jeans as if they were living in a bygone era.


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